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      I’m not too much of a fan of them ragging on her religious views… but yeah, this is pretty on-brand Gnome.

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        I’m not a fan of the article’s author nor what they’re trying to do in the linked article.

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          I don’t know the article author but the article makes a very good point: that person seems to have no software nor technological nor even organization managing experience.

          To add insult to injury, this person does not even seem to have core free software values as she run and advertise a business through Facebook.

          It is also concerning that the person seems to be trying to erase some of her past while not even managing to do it properly (keeping the facebook page). This seem to indicate a lack of technological awareness.

          So there’s a lot of questions here about how that person was chosen has the executive director of GNOME. The profile is very very different from previous directors and doesn’t seem to fit at all the post.

          The shamanism aspect is also quite controversial in technological/scientific communities centered on rational thinking. While everybody is free to have its own views, the problem here is that the person is presenting herself has having a business centered around superstition. So it might be interpreted less as the expression of a deep belief and more as the exploitation of credulity (which is, as every religion demonstrates, is a very thin line), something that would deeply be at odd with lot of people in the free software community.

          This latest aspect would not be enough to be a red flag alone as we could consider that a person has the perfect right of having a side-hustle making herbal tea and branding it “shamanism” while keeping it completely separate from her work at GNOME but keep in mind that the GNOME director is the public face of the project. When Elon Musk says something frivolous, its bad for Tesla and Twitter, even if unrelated. Same applies here and that’s why a director position is so hard and important.

          I find the linked article badly structured and written. It raises the good issues but is on the verge of attacking the person while the real question is “who choose her and what was the process and the rationale?”.

          It is possible that the person might become a very good GNOME director. But, yeah, the choice is at first concerning and should be supported by strong arguments.

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      I would just as soon get rid of them honestly. I don’t use them or browse by tags or pay them much attention really. The only purpose they serve to me is to make me hunt and peck for something relevant to what I’m posting.

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        no objection, but I find them useful for going back to find things when I can vaguely recall the topic and not the title.

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        I don’t think you actually have to give a tag, do you?

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          You do.

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      And then they used this university network to promote right wing fascism.

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      I really dig that slabtops are coming back in DIY design. The M100, devterm, and now this :)

      And low power, low-spec machines too! Like the Lisp Terminal from a few weeks back, but this one is Forth :D

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      What is a good microblogging instance I could make an account on if I wanted to try out the non-Mastodon Fediverse? Somewhere others on Mastodon can follow me? It occurs to me that I don’t follow anyone who isn’t using Mastodon. Perhaps I should be a little bit of the change I want to see in the world.

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        I like friendica personally. But that’s not “an instance”, but another suite. Personally, is a good one :)

        there’s myriad more, even the tildeverse has a pleroma instance :)

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      Not sure how much the author actually researched the piece here, but Z80s are common, and still in production. Even by Zilog themselves.

      But he does nail it on the head: Retro systems are able to be fully understood by one person. Today, one person can hardly be an expert and fully understand a NIC, or CPU.

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      this is pretty funny, and cool :)

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      I’m having some flashbacks to using CPM/VM :)

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      I do like me some BBS’s. And FIDO mail is pretty cool, and works great in batching jobs.

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        I have fond memories of that as well. I wonder if these protocols make sense in the context of my small browser.

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          probably not a small browser :(

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      I had a similar idea a while ago. I’ve got it setup on

      This is a much nicer implementation though.

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        I do like this one too!

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        NFTs are non fungible, whereas CSVs are delimited.

        That actually made me laugh out loud. Nice work.

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      wow. Journeyman Project in there, I’m kinda excited about this!

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        Try again…it seems to work on multiple ends I’ve tried, and others are able to reach it.

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      that’s a lot of words to say: use a ton of electricity, and destroy the environment, to create a ponzi scheme for techbros to get rich off of.

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      Isn’t git already dsitrubuted?

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        git is, especially if you use git send-mail. but 99% of git users don’t know about git send-email or how to use it: they use pull requests on a web front-end like github or gitea.

        git forges are not, and that’s what we’re talking about here. I’m quasi active on 3 different gitea instances. It would be amazing to be able to log issues and submit pull requests across gitea instances without having to create a new account for each instance.

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      Well, fuck.

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      This is big. Like, super-big news.

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      Well, I guess lhc@home is another good one, or folding@home.

      Man, this feels like a chapter in computing history coming to a close.

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        Seriously. I remember being fascinated with the concept when I first heard about it around 2000-2001.

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      If you’re interested, I’d be ok ceding tildepi.tilde to you in the .tilde DNS system.

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        what about pi.tilde

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          Or pilde.tilde

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        Do you think it’d be possible to have pi.tilde? :)

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          Sure. Hit up #.tilde on :)

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      This is probably a non-starter for myself to even consider. It’s based on the ecological disaster of blockchains, and the company has some very shady founders and history.

      This is pretty obvious that the company has alt-right tendencies, with the “normie” term being used. The alt right subset known as “incels” tend to be the only ones using that term.

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        I agree that blockchain as a technology is a bit of a dumpster fire, mostly because it’s being used for far different things than it was designed to handle.

        I will say, though, that I’ve heard the term “normie” bandied about in many contexts and places that have nothing to do with any particular group (outside of a general context of “us vs. those normies”), so I wouldn’t necessarily dismiss it on that account.