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      not sure if i’m a retro computing person (my computer is way out of date, but not old enough to be retro), but i do love reading about old technology. the history is fascinating.

      it’s hard to be interested in new computing stuff, since most of it is just reinventing old computing stuff, but worse. like how am i supposed to be excited by slack when IRC is almost as old as I am? isn’t reddit just usenet with links and pictures? incremental improvements to old ideas are a welcome occurrence, but they aren’t much fun to read about.

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      Not sure how much the author actually researched the piece here, but Z80s are common, and still in production. Even by Zilog themselves.

      But he does nail it on the head: Retro systems are able to be fully understood by one person. Today, one person can hardly be an expert and fully understand a NIC, or CPU.