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I recall we had a thread on cleaning up the tags list here and was wondering if we can revisit the topic. It’s fairly annoying to have to wade through a long list of extremely specific tags to try and find something relevant though I must also admit it is sometimes fun to see what creative use you can find in a tag. There seems to be the ability to mark tags as inactive, could we do that here??

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      I think there are way too many tags and a lot of them are very specific. Maybe we can remove most of them and add a misc/other tag.

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        I vaguely recall someone mentioned outright removal wasn’t support but no objection.

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      I would just as soon get rid of them honestly. I don’t use them or browse by tags or pay them much attention really. The only purpose they serve to me is to make me hunt and peck for something relevant to what I’m posting.

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        no objection, but I find them useful for going back to find things when I can vaguely recall the topic and not the title.

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        I don’t think you actually have to give a tag, do you?

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          You do.

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