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I’m developing a very small little browser for the small internet called Fafi1. It used to be just a Gemini browser but today I added support for text protocol2 as well. I want to add Mercury support as well, but I’m having some trouble finding live Mercury servers online.

That got me thinking, what other small internet protocols do you folks enjoy? I’m sure there are very interesting protocols that I’m not aware out there and that would be great to add support for in Fafi.

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      As far as I know, there was only one or two proof-of-concept mercury things built. Spartan as a gemini-lite has a few more, but not much.

      Gopher is my first obvious answer to your question. Then I’d also suggest finger. twtxt possibly.

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        All I can find is cryptocurrency stuff. Do you have a link for that protocol?

        Gopher, finger, twtxt

        There is another Racket-based gopher client, I was avoiding stepping on their own lawn :-)

        Will check if finger and twtxt are doable.

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            oh that is great! thanks a lot.

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      Gopher was my only idea.. didn’t think about finger. That would be interesting.

      Before we had Gopher, we FTP’d every where. Or BBS’

      -Dr. WaSabi (Russ)

      P.S. your browser looks really cool by the way.

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        Thanks for the kind words! :-) I miss BBS’ soooo much…

        I might attempt to add finger and gopher to Fafi.

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      I do like me some BBS’s. And FIDO mail is pretty cool, and works great in batching jobs.

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        I have fond memories of that as well. I wonder if these protocols make sense in the context of my small browser.

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          probably not a small browser :(