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    i’ve been passively following urbit for years, and i still am hesitant about it. but it does make me feel feelings. this explainer will definitely help me relate urbit’s core concepts to my even-more-hesitant friends.

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      This is probably a non-starter for myself to even consider. It’s based on the ecological disaster of blockchains, and the company has some very shady founders and history.

      This is pretty obvious that the company has alt-right tendencies, with the “normie” term being used. The alt right subset known as “incels” tend to be the only ones using that term.

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        I agree that blockchain as a technology is a bit of a dumpster fire, mostly because it’s being used for far different things than it was designed to handle.

        I will say, though, that I’ve heard the term “normie” bandied about in many contexts and places that have nothing to do with any particular group (outside of a general context of “us vs. those normies”), so I wouldn’t necessarily dismiss it on that account.