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      As far as I know, there was only one or two proof-of-concept mercury things built. Spartan as a gemini-lite has a few more, but not much.

      Gopher is my first obvious answer to your question. Then I’d also suggest finger. twtxt possibly.

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        All I can find is cryptocurrency stuff. Do you have a link for that protocol?

        Gopher, finger, twtxt

        There is another Racket-based gopher client, I was avoiding stepping on their own lawn :-)

        Will check if finger and twtxt are doable.

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            oh that is great! thanks a lot.

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      I’ve long been an opponent of rebase. I’m happy to see fossil take a stand while more eloquently arguing the point than I can.

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      The “high” label seems to trigger at very low values. I’d recommend looking at your numeric score instead of that label. And also, remember that this is just putting your own feelings into numbers. Whether that’s accurate or meaningful is up to you.

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      Hooray for BitBot! It slices, it dices, it makes french fries in three different…WHOOPS!

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      This isn’t an “article” per se, but the quality of the answer might as well be. It’s one of my favorite stack exchange bits and really illuminating as far as *nix history goes.

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      It looks like you changed the name of this project and now all your links are broken. I dug around to your github to find You may want to update your build zip, issue links, and so on.

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      I noticed our closest tag to “command line” is just “bash”. What’s the etiquette for suggesting new tags on here?

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        I can add one for you.

        On Nov 10, 2019, at 11:06 AM, tomasino wrote:

        I noticed our closest tag to “command line” is just “bash”. What’s the etiquette for suggesting new tags on here?

        – Vote:

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      This is super awesome. I spent all night playing Oregon Trail :)

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        that was my first stop as well. I did pretty well drawing on my knowledge from the choose your own adventure books, but robbers came and stole all my extra gear and all my food and it was downhill from there.

        RIP Sourpuss. You will be missed.

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      gemini:// exists for users as well

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      I really liked the part on expectation of reciprocation that GPL enforces. The more I think about it, the more I favor a stance like that.

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        Exactly. The GPL is a self-enforcing improvement cycle, vs the MIT which lets anyone just take the code, and offer nothing back.

        I do get the whole “which is freer” argument, and it really boils down to whose freedoms are you caring more about? Developer freedom, or user freedom.

        The GPL (And AGPL) target user freedoms, MIT/BSD target developer’s freedoms. Sadly, though “developers” tend to be corporations now, not individual contributors.

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      All these people clamouring for a new graphical gopher client are tempting me to make an electron monstrosity.

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        You were so preoccupied with whether or not you could, you didn’t stop to think if you should.

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      i’d be interested in serving this at gopher:// thoughts? what would i need to do?

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        Oh that would be excellent!

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      Sadly, people will find it suspect, since DARPA did it, like with TOR. Baselessly.

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        People will find a way to complain about everything. The description sounds great, though. Open-source is cool. I’m curious what it’ll be coded in (crossing fingers for Ada).

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      I was pretty disappointed by this. First, it’s a blatant ad for the license that this lawyer worked on, but also it shows a shocking lack of familiarity with MIT and BSD licenses, where they’ve been used in practice, where they’ve been reviewed in the courts, and exactly what things mean. In my opinion this piece crossed an ethical line. I’ll be aggressively avoiding Blue Oak as a result.

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        I totally agree with you and @aewens that this is propaganda for Blue Oak.

        However the author knows his stuff on MIT and BSD quite well.

        As for Blue Oak, the only thing I like about it is its language.
        It’s a permissive license designed to remove ANY burden on corporations that want to exploit the free labor of the open source developers.

        It’s not designed to maximize the CREATION of Commons, but their exploitation and privatization. So I agree that avoiding Blue Oak is a good idea if it doesn’t align with your interests and values.

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      This is really important stuff. Even my tools which do respect proper config directories are doing it lazily, looking in ~/.config and such instead of checking the XDG environment variables first. I’ll have to pull this through.

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        Yeah, after reading this article I decided to make an effort to always utilize the XDG environment variables for anything software I write needing to store data for a user. Would definitely make for a better experience using Linux as a platform.