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    I think a lot of this might be covered in just a new, possibly graphical browser client.

    For example, a browser that rejects the style sheet provided by the site, and instead renders the page using the user supplied style sheet(s), in order to send site control back to the user, for presentation, as it was supposed to be to begin with.

    And, of course, refusing to execute code on a drive-by basis. People rail against Java, but the benefit there was there was always a clear distinction between what the browser was serving, and what was served via the jvm was ever present, which makes things much safer.

    Intermingling js and html into a monolithic rendering engine was the mistake.

    From there, once js and stylesheets are removed from the equation, this is when a good user-experience can be had, that lacks commercialization of every user experience.

    The web always had a commcerical component (IBM was an early adopter to it, and developer, for example), not every interaction was monetized, and therein lies the issue. It’d be hard to monetized all interactions if there was no js rendering in a browser, and users were allowed to customize the presentation in their own client.

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      All these people clamouring for a new graphical gopher client are tempting me to make an electron monstrosity.

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        You were so preoccupied with whether or not you could, you didn’t stop to think if you should.

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