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      I was going to complain about the list but actually it’s from mid-2020! I never heard about it.

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      Actually the main point against Gemini from most friends I’ve talked to is the fact that Gopher already exists. It’s the reason why in the tilde I manage I haven’t installed any Gemini server.

      Btw I left and moved my gemini to SDF due to the fact that is on the WWW!

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      What about folks who don’t have gitea?

      What about isso? I never understood the setup but it looks like that’s the way, controlling your comments in house.

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      compare xmpp. matrix is still mostly unusable in its current state.

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        I found the example very interesting, especially if you can try it for free however it’s quite memory hungry.

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        Interesting take. I feel the complete opposite, though (With some intense caveats so bear with me here).

        While XMPP is definitely more mature, it was more interesting 20 years ago when text chat was king, and voice and video chat was just a novelty. The problem with comparing Matrix and XMPP is that, while on the surface, they seem like competitors, being federated messaging standards, XMPP is first and foremost an instant messaging protocol. Rooms feel added on after, and where voice chat exists, it’s a complete afterthought. Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t. The extreme intercompatibility of XMPP is a great feature, but you can never, ever know if your correspondents can utilize voice chat unless you ask them[1].

        In Matrix, however, rooms and VoIP are first-class citizens. I don’t know if I can say “from the very beginning”, but it sure seems like Matrix, and especially Element were made, from the beginning, with VoIP in mind. While the monopoly of the Element/Synapse ecosystem is problematic, it’s helpful to just be able to assume a person you’re talking to will be able to utilize all the same features you are. Even under the best circumstance, I don’t think you even get close to that in XMPP.

        For years, I was rooting for XMPP, it’s got everything I want in a text chat, but if I want to convince my friends to use something other than Discord or Whatsapp, it needs the features that people want[2] from those apps. XMPP is great, but Matrix is solving a different problem. A problem that XMPP can solve, but only if you’re willing to put in the work.

        [1] Maybe some XMPP clients have a way of notifying the user of VoIP capability, I’m sure it exists, but I haven’t seen it.

        [2] Not to mention end-to-end encryption, which I know is possible in XMPP, but as an afterthought. It’s not a selling point if I have to walk a non-technical user through turning it on, and they have to remember to do it for each chat.

        Edit: Final thoughts: If you can show me an out-of-the-box XMPP solution like Synapse/Element that I can launch in a day, and get my Discord friends on, I’ll gladly set it up and try it out!

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          1: xmpp has come a long way. rooms and video/audio calling work seamlessly even with my parents who are non-technical. (can’t really speak for the state of apps on ios/mac since we don’t have any of those, but some new updates for siskin and monal are said to have some major improvements)

          2: e2e encryption via omemo is also enabled by default and works great for 1:1 chats and private groups.

          additionally there are now some services that are great for easy onboarding like snikket for running your own server and quicksy for getting users onboarded with a familiar phone number flow (they get an address in the form

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            Thank you! What app do you and your parents use?

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              we use conversations. it’s really lovely and can replace any mainstream chat app.

              I run two ejabberd servers, for friends and family and one for that’s hooked up to shell authentication.

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      I wonder if it’s a similar process in other cloud like providers. It’d be fun to try.

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        GCP is offering $100 free credit on new account signups if you want to find out.

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      The example is a bit extreme but I’m still using a laptop bought when I started studying (I finished my degree many years ago) and it does well. When I wanted a lighter laptop to work outside I bought an old Thinkpad of about the same era and I dont need anything else. Even if I bought a third one or replace one of these, chances are I don’t need a new (as in brand new) computer. Only gamers and maybe graphic designers need newer hardware and I think it’s that segment which drives sales.

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      What do you think about this move? I always wondered about small projects going to sourcehub because this is something apparently legally enforced, hence what’s the difference moving from one American provider to another?

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        It seems to me like they’re handling this pretty well. Offereing a legal defence fund should provide incentive for small but legally risky projects to stay at GitHub. I think the recent trend of projects moving away from GitHub is motivated by ideological preferences for open source software (GitHub itself is largely closed source software) and a distrust of Microsoft, more than a particular concern about United States law.

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      On modern versions of macOS, you simply can’t power on your computer, launch a text editor or eBook reader, and write or read, without a log of your activity being transmitted and stored.

      I don’t use Apple products now, mostly because I can’t afford them but this made me really angry and I don’t think Microsoft is any better. Leave us alone!

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      It took me a while to realize the main URL from which the text file comes from is just a stylized RSS feed.

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        Oh wow, yeah! I just tried viewing the source for that page. that’s really awesome!

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      I just read about QAnon in Wired but are they really violent? It didn’t look that way from what I read, just wacky!

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      Now I get what you mean with the SSB. So it’s just a personal Facebook or does it have more applications than that?

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        There are other applications, such as ssb-chess, git-ssb (Git over SSB) and an NPM alternative. More are listed here, but the biggest apps in the ecosystem are the ones in the tutorial. That’s not to say it’s the only thing SSB does, though.

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          Good to know! I just miss an app purely for private messaging. I guess it’d be useful in cases of censorship or vigilance.

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      Interesting idea. Although I think closed source anticapitalist software would miss the point. All in all, capitalists were the ones who attempted to private people from the ownership of their applications.

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        Sure thing. This license is not about close-sourcing though, it’s about depriving for-profit entities (and the military industrial complex) from using open source software. In that sense, it’s not “free software” (according to GNU).

        I don’t think it’s a good license i would use (it still allows many bad actors to use the software), but i found it interesting so i shared the link ;)

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      It’s beautiful. I love minimalist ideas on the web. It looks great on my phone.