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    It would be nice to have a replacement for utterances, and massive platforms closed such as disqus

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      The utterances instance on that page is broken.

      I might be interested in collabing, at least until I go back to work.

      I think the big hurdle is authentication. If we don’t use a third-party like github, then what?

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        I agree with you. I’m thinking about it a long time. And the utterances config on page is broken.

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          I liked the idea of a fediverse. If a distributed pocket|delicio.us|etc existed, all comments in these sites could be aggregated by the canonical url where comments are. Moreover, you could reply-to between instances, right?

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            What about folks who don’t have gitea?

            What about isso? I never understood the setup but it looks like that’s the way, controlling your comments in house.