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      shell is unmatched for just getting things done. of course I have to shout out emacs, it’s just constantly so useful. I’ve been using chicken scheme this year and boy what a vibe. finally, Alpine Linux best Linux, it’s just simple and easy.

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      im really impressed that they made a pager in sh in so few lines! something I was considering for bollux for quite a while, lol. I think I over thought it, in fact this script makes me think I overthought a lot of things!

      ps about the name ‘bollux’: bc it started as a Gemini browser, I wanted to give it a name like one of the twins – Pollux. then I just put a B at the front for ‘bash’!

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        Ahh, so you weren’t being childish? (completely unaware of Pollux, I assumed it was a way of saying script was nonsense by calling it bol**cks but in a different spelling). I suspect it would be worth adding that description to the manual or README.

        Edit, I made that assumption because bollux is in the dictionary as such.

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          what no how would that be childish?

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            Childish by resorting to vulgarity. (remember this is based on not getting the Pollux reference and looking bollux up in the dictionary)

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      this looks nice!

      came here to mention bollux1, and am glad to see they mention it under Inspired By. i like bollux because it looks nice, it supports gemini and gopher, it prints links to stdout, so you have a breadcrumb trail / history upon exit (which i guess you could even redirect to a history.txt) and it uses less(1) as its pager so it feels very familiar and natural.

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        I like it too, wish the name was different though. astro seems to be based around coreutils? (doesn’t play well on macOS, just various tools the script invokes complaining, such as dd)

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          dd is the only way to read a single character using posix sh, which seems to be what theyre targeting. no idea what dd macos uses.

          you could edit it to have a /bin/bash shebang and use read -n1 instead of dd there. not sure what else you’d need to tweak.

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      this s looks so interesting to me … maybe we could implement it on some tilde!

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      gonna be honest..not a fan. to thin for me

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        What fonts do you like?

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          I’m a different person put I’ll put in a word for Charis SIL. A solid serif font designed for readability on computer displays and with wide character support.

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            Got me thinking on what I use, and coming to the realisation that I mostly work in the terminal/editor so everything is based around Fantasque Sans Mono. Last website I put up used that for body text.

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          I’ve been using recursive in my emacs for some time; for serif fonts I like Georgia to be honest lol

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      Looks quite nice! I particularly like that it’s not counting unread articles like so many RSS readers do. It reminds me of sfeed. If anyone sees this and wishes it was C and text files instead of Go and SQLite, definitely check out sfeed.

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        Can confirm sfeed is way more powerful than it seems at first glance. It’s easy as heck to script too!

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      yes! hi

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          of course it was only this morning that I realized this was a link post and not a question ^^”

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            There seems to be a bit of that going around lol

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      Okay I kinda love this. I wonder if POSIX make would be possible … it’d be much more complicated..

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        posix sh does have arithmetic expansion so probably?

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          Wait it does? I couldn’t find it in the manpage.

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        Okay I kinda love this.

        The expected answer was “Thanks, I hate this”, but I’ll take it. ;-)

        Re POSIX make: the arithmetic part is part of POSIX, but seq is not. That said I tried this Makefile on macOS, NixOS, Arch Linux, and OpenBSD and all of their bin/sh implementations had seq. I’m not sure about the differences between GNU and POSIX make, but it did not work out of the box with OpenBSD’s make but I was too lazy to look into why.

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          I love doing things that aren’t supposed to be done with software :)

          I think the define syntax is a GNU extension.

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            I love doing things that aren’t supposed to be done with software :)

            Me too :-) That’s why I’m always surprised when a post like this gets serious comments like “seq is a non-portable shell builtin” (not here, on another site). I mean, yeah, that’s true, but maybe portability wasn’t my main concern for a throwaway hack…

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              Hahah, fair enough :) The tricky thing, especially about make, is that it’s so tied to shell it’s also hard to know how much shell is too much.

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      SO CUTE

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      I don’t have much to say here, except this sounds like a well-reasoned solution to the problem of content-blocking on the modern Web.

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      This looks like a great resource, thanks!

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      Great podcast! can confirm the guests (especially the first!) are great.

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      I have started a tilde podcast!

      Ask me anything

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        I have a question! How are you so cool ? :P

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          Here are some things you can do if you want to be super cool like me:

          • take a multivitamin every day
          • cook for the people you love
          • learn to skate backwards
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            damn I only do one out of three, I gotta up my numbers

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      I’m legit so excited about this! I cannot WAIT to log-in to any gitea instance using my tildegit credentials ^_^

      This might mean I don’t have to like, uh, install cgit on my server ^_^

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        I can relate. I’ve been quite excited lately by codeforge mirroring; codeberg, tildegit, etc. But all that does is bring us back to the web 1.0 days of websites that were thin veneers for large lists of ftp mirrors. Federation would augment that read-only interface with writes, the ability to contribute back.

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          100%, it would bring gitea/gogs/etc. on-par with github, and honestly i’d quit using it /at all/ for anything but forks.

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        I wonder how integrated it will be.. The idea of opening and closing issues, commenting on pull requests, etc from mastodon is really interesting to me.

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          oh shit i didn’t even think about that.

          of course, other activitypub things aren’t all super-integrated with say, mastodon, which is too bad imo. or maybe i’m just kinda dumb about it….

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      this was such a great conference and I was so glad to be a part of it. looking forward to more!

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        I really enjoyed the Montessori Philosophy and Design Pattern Learning talks.

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          yes those were so neat!

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      Okay I wanna say too, the rest of this blog is super dope. Tons of great crystal stuff!

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      Seems like every update to Firefox, it gets a little sketchier. I really need to look into a user.js file for privacy’s sake … I just loathe how much time it’ll take me.

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      Awww @ben, you’re the best :) Sorry my code was never really the right thing …

      Anyway this is amazing, I’m so happy!

      (Though I /might’ve/ come over to the “dark” side lately….)

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        oh man that sounds like sacrilege coming from you! but welcome to the dark side

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          Yeah my new job doesn’t have their overhead lights on ever, so a dark theme is actually better. Of course, I’d /prefer/ to have lights, but … when in Rome …

          EDIT: also, very nice theme all around :D

          DOUBLE EDIT: Of course, I still have a light theme in my editor XD

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      This is such a great idea, honeslty, I love it. I haven’t used it yet (of course!) but it’s such a good idea…. anyway i wonder how hard it’d be to spin this up on my own server.

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      As a Gitea (through user, I’d love this to happen!