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    I’m legit so excited about this! I cannot WAIT to log-in to any gitea instance using my tildegit credentials ^_^

    This might mean I don’t have to like, uh, install cgit on my server ^_^

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      I can relate. I’ve been quite excited lately by codeforge mirroring; codeberg, tildegit, etc. But all that does is bring us back to the web 1.0 days of websites that were thin veneers for large lists of ftp mirrors. Federation would augment that read-only interface with writes, the ability to contribute back.

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        I wonder how integrated it will be.. The idea of opening and closing issues, commenting on pull requests, etc from mastodon is really interesting to me.

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        will this be something you need to opt-in to? or at least something you can opt-out from?