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    I agree with the title.

    To me, the rest seem pretty obtuse.
    In 2018 people should be talking of self-hosting, not about paying web hosting (that are likely to resell cloud services)

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      I think paying for web hosting is one step above letting FB control your data.

      Of course, self-hosting is the best position to be in, but not everyone has a stable internet connection or the technical know-how to do that. Although, I would love for both of those to start moving in the right direction, baby steps first.

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        there are literally web/ssh/vnc/ftp/etc server apps for android… hosting your own servers is easier than ever… tho stable net is one obstacle, the bigger one is ISPs not allowing incoming traffic…

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          It sucks that ISPs have made it so difficult to have a home server - not impossible, just more difficult than it needs to be.

          If there was an iOS/Android app made to turn a phone into a server, that’d be incredible – I’d love to have people dial into my cellphone which hosts a BBS, but alas that’s only a dream.

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            dialing part might be a dream, but server part definitely isn’t…tho your server will probably not reach the internet cause dam ISPs deciding so…