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    I mean, I just use a Chromebook (biting the Google bullet because it’s fine) with an Ubuntu chroot. The length some people go to to use only FOSS software is ridiculous sometimes. I would have bit the bullet on internal wifi. If I have to buy a USB dongle to use something as simple as WIRELESS INTERNET, I’d rather not use the platform at all.

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      I draw the line on firmware.

      If I need proprietary firmware, I will (All CPUs load proprietary microcode, after all). If I have a choice, even if it’s a rocky road, I’ll pick the FOSS solution.

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        I would draw the line slightly further down the slope from you. If I need to use proprietary firmware to have a functioning computer, okay. If I need proprietary firmware for a chance at an essential function of the computer, okay then. If using only FOSS stuff would be a massive pain in the ass (defined as a road that isn’t a road but just a collection of sharp and jagged rocks)? I may just use the proprietary solution.

        Basically, my philosophy is “FOSS or OSS where possible” (down to coding my own stuff sometimes if I can’t find it) and proprietary if necessary.

        For example, given the choice between open-source Gambatte and proprietary BGB, I’ll take BGB all day. (Especially because beware, the dev, is open to bug reports and basically only keeps the code to himself because it’s in Pascal he doesn’t want endless forks.)