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    Meanwhile, the apologistas are just rolling in their money, doing the very same thing they are apologizing for, to do it more.

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      Yes, good observation. Not all of them (e.g. I don’t think Stallman does it) but a lot of them, yes.

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      Why do we act like we don’t already know this? I think even the most non tech people with an average IQ can see what’s going on. The problem is not with those big companies and what they do, the problem is with us, those who use the said service(s) even though we know we have 0 benefits or things to learn and prefer to waste time instead of doing something productive. The article talked about children too - you as a parent should take care and monitorize what’s he doing on the internet and with whom. If you don’t understand the internet or the sites he/she visits I think it’s better to not let the child use it just to prevent any harm it may do to him. We have to conscientize that the internet, and all tech for that matter, is still something new in our society and only time will tell how this will affect our behaviour as a specie.

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        Why do we act like we don’t already know this?

        I cannot agree more that the solution (however unlikely it is to be achieved) does not come from changes in the tech companies. It comes from reducing passive consumerism, especially with regards to social and news media. Or at least, that’s part of the solution. Recognizing what these platforms do, and exercising critical thought about how to use or not use technology, is important.

        On the other hand, I don’t believe that most people see what’s going on. Yes, I can say that within my social sphere and typical reading sources, there is awareness. But looking only slightly beyond, I see a lot of people that just keep rolling along in the momentum these platforms have built up.