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The old list over on tilde.club was terribly out of date and incomplete, so I invested a little time myself. Is there any tilde I missed?


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    What are the things that a server would need to be considered a tilde-like?

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      As far as I’m concerned, any public Unix/Linux/BSD server offering shell accounts that spawned in the wake of tilde.club or related itself with the tildeverse would be a fit. Though this is just a quick spontaneous outline and I don’t claim to have this right. Any other opinions?

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      i try to keep this list up-to-date as well :)

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        Aaaand there’s already two more servers I missed. Thanks for sharing your list. Also, you’re welcome to scrape my page, of course.

        Also also: neat, a wiki! The name seems general enough to be used as a common wiki for the entire tildeverse. I was going to address this in the next few days, since I’d like to have one wiki to collect all the tildeverse’s lore instead of little chunks spread here and there. (With the data mirrored elsewhere of course, because fuck centralization.)

        Are there any plans to do so or do you consider tilde.wiki as strictly centered on tilde.team?

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          I didn’t have a plan for it so I just set up nginx to serve ~team’s wiki on that domain. I’ve got some hard-coded links to stuff on there but I’d be open to using it for something else if there’s interest!

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        I have been putting together a list based on research I did for a paper on the history of public access UNIX systems, and it includes tildes. Currently the list has the recent or current systems as well as around 300 systems dating back to the early 1980’s. It is just in a spreadsheet, but I have been looking for a way to publish it in an interactive medium so it can keep growing and start accumulating user and sysadmin stories from the historical systems.

        ~gauntlet, ~ben, or anyone: contact me if you’d be interested on collaborating on such a project.

        My preference is to have a strong command line interface to the list, but obviously there will be interest in other views (like http).

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          I have started on something similar a while ago, but did not put too much work in there over the past months. I’d be happy to merge this and collaborate.

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            Awesome. I will shoot you an email and we can talk about moving it forward.