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    This is pretty cool. I can’t help but having a knee-jerk reaction of “Small web!? They’re pushing big web platforms like Github, Youtube, and Discord!”, but then I tell myself to chill out and that not everything needs to be totally pure. The work these people are doing is still interesting and seems valuable.

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      When something becomes trendy, everybody want to be part of it and the name lose its significance. I’ve seen people calling their website minimalist because they removed some cruft. I’ve seen JS developers saying it is absurd to even try to build a website without JS but still liking the “small web with JS”.

      Maybe we need to dig more and make the “tiny web” ;-)

      (should be noted that Kagi uses nearly no JS at all and has the objective of working fine with JS disabled browsers)

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        Maybe every website other than the single heaviest website is eligible to be part of the “small web”. Hahahah.

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          the biggest websites in 2011 would probably be considered “small web” today, relatively speaking. :P