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    I handily recommend Zim every chance I get. I’ve used it for over a decade, and I contribute to the developer when I can. My notebooks have been indispensable in organizing projects and research. And it’s simple. (In fact, maybe a bit too simple. I always install a few plugins for it. But installing zim plugins is simple too.) The interface is intuitive and familiar to anyone who’s ever used a word processor. Notes are stored in a plain text format. And best of all, you can find it in most package managers, so getting it is no hassle.

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      A decade is a long time, incredible!

      I’ve been using vimwiki about 6 or 7 years (on Vim/Neovim), and I find it’s perfect for me and resembles the end of the video.

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      I don’t often click video links, but I am glad I did this one. What a trip. I watched the whole 30 minutes and don’t regret it.