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I know some of us play MUDs, or have in the past. What MUD(s) are you currently playing and/or what MUD(s) have you played in the past? What’s your experience been with them?

I also submitted this to lobste.rs a while back, but I think the response to the thread will be better here in the tildeverse!


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    I figured I’d add my own response as a comment rather than in the topic body. Right now I’m playing Realms of Despair. I like the visual descriptions and the environment, in addition to the early-level training period. It eases you into the world but still allows you to feel a part of the main city by allowing you to explore and easily return to the training grounds.

    In the past I’ve played Forgotten Kingdoms. While sparsely populated, the level of detail was incredible. I left it because I wanted to experience more interaction with other mudders rather than solo play. I’ve also played GenesisMUD, which had the absolute best newbie training quest I’ve ever seen. However, the part where you lose your inventory every exit bothered me a bit too much.

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      I’m not playing any at the moment, but I’ve been following the development of tildemush pretty closely.

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        i’ve been playing elephantmud (elephant.org) off and on for well over a decade now. it’s the only one i’ve played seriously.

        i’ve played a little discworld casually, and a little achaea so I could play a jester, which I found to be a very unique class.

        I’d be excited to all get together and play a new MUD, all starting out as level 1 and play for a couple weeks or longer. that could be fun

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          Elephant looks interesting. I think I’ll give it a try!

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          Tried playing Realms of Despair and only made it about 45 minutes…maybe it was the time of day, but wasn’t able to talk to anyone, and there seemed to be lots of bots on…

          Have heard good things about WOT mud, based on the Wheel of Time series, but have not played it yet.

          Check out Discworldmud! http://discworld.starturtle.net/lpc/ Being familiar with Pratchett’s books adds another layer of fun to the mud but is not necessary.

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            I’ll check out Discworld! I’ve heard of it. I also have an account on dsl-mud.org (Dark & Shattered Lands). There are actual people on there. Someone took me under their wing and mentored me to level 8, gifting some items too.