A hat is a formal, verified, way of posting a comment while speaking for a project, organization, or company. Each user may have multiple hats, one of which may be selected to be worn when posting a comment or sending a private message.

User Hat Link
kirch fuckup https://fuckup.solutions
aewens heir to #chaos tilde.team
aewens king of chaos tilde.team
nonlinear RadioFreqs.space Admin radiofreqs.space
jan6 special snowflake https://www.crowdh.com/howto-special-snowflake-101/
jan6 team tilde.team
jan6 town tilde.town
ben ~team sudoer https://tilde.team/wiki/?page=code-of-conduct
cmccabe ~team sudoer https://tilde.team
khuxkm ~team sudoer tilde.team
khuxkm ~verse admin tilde.team