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    I would put my money on hoax, mainly because the best determination of real/fakeness is what the linguists think of the olde english. And it sounds like they found several problems with the texts and wouldn’t endorse it.

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      I love it. I love it!

      But why only accept credit cards?

      A Times investigation earlier this year found that Trump’s political operation last year automatically enrolled their online donors into recurring donations every week until Election Day… The tactic led to demands for refunds from supporters and a slew of credit card fraud complaints, the Times reported.

      -Trump 2020 campaign refunds millions to donors after using aggressive fundraising tactic

      I just love it.

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        In high school ca. 2008 I collected my friends’ broken ipods. This was before apple support and apple’s old model of planned obsolescence did not include trade-ins. So everyone threw out their ipods and I collected about three broken iPod videos like the one in this post.

        One was making clicking noises (bad HDD) and one had an obviously broken screen so I frankensteined them together into a working unit. This post brings back fond memories of how easy it was. The case just snapped apart without breaking glue and all the internal components could be plugged and unplugged with no tools. So it was super easy but I still told everyone in school that I’d built my own ipod. It was cool because those things were like $300 and mine was free!

        So that’s how I got my first ‘pod. I managed to use it for several years despite the shitty hardware (HDD) and planned obsolescence… because I had yet another parts ipod to use for repairs. I installed all kinds of custom roms on that bad boy. I used it for everything in the pre-smartphone era. That’s the screen I read an epub of 1984 on (ticked through the whole book with that glorious clickwheel!). Wish I still had it. Half of it was built from a U2 limited edition iPod. It was unique.

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          So it’s opposite day.

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            Looks like it

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            The utterances instance on that page is broken.

            I might be interested in collabing, at least until I go back to work.

            I think the big hurdle is authentication. If we don’t use a third-party like github, then what?