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For those that prefer gopher:


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    “WordPress isn’t secure if you don’t keep updating it.”

    Um, yes, that’s right. So… keep updating it.

    “Plugins are dangerous! Who knows what shenanigans they’re up to!”

    Well, don’t use plugins then.

    “Plugins are slow!”

    Well, don’t use plugins then.

    “Plugins don’t have features!”

    Well, don’t… wait, what?


    SEO is bullshit, and so is hunting for ratings.

    “WordPress’s compatibility when you use themes is bad!”

    Write your own theme or use the ones provided by the core team, which are very customizable.

    “Themes all look the same!”

    …then design your own, or pay someone to design one for you.

    I have used WriteFreely, Ghost, WordPress, Hugo, Jekyll, and just straight up HTML for hosting blogs in the past.

    A blog lives or dies by its content. WordPress is fine. Hugo is fine. The others are all fine, too. But if your content is crap? Ain’t no coming back from that.