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    If you enjoyed this collection, maybe you would enjoy rawtext.club ;)

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      I wonder if some day, in the 40s, there will be websites reminiscing about the tildeverse…

      Heck, maybe there will be posts on the tildeverse about what it was like!

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        For anyone interested in this, it’s also interesting to know about the site creator, Jason Scott, and the amazing work he has been doing. And, one of his other really cool projects was the BBS Documentary, which I cannot recommend enough.

        Jason Scott: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jason_Scott

        BBS Documentary: http://www.bbsdocumentary.com/ (also available on YT, if that’s your thing)

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          Nice! Too bad “anarchy” category in there really has nothing about anarchism itself, focusing instead of homemade explosives.

          Don’t forget to apt install anarchism fortune-anarchism ;)

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            That’s true. In the 80s and early 90s, especially in phreaker and later hacker culture, anarchy meant a completely different thing!

            I think what that section really shows is how young the whole scene was–not just that it was new, but that most of the people involved were 15-25. That’s a very selfish age range, and of course a lot of the writing would focus on how to get yours, rather than the benefit of society.

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              In my opinion, it is more a symptom of a hopeless society that has been infected by consumerism. When egoistic self-interest is the only value promoted by social standards and you don’t have the privilege to start your own alternatives (because you’re too busy “making a living”, as they say), what is left to do except burning stuff?

              I think the disenchanted parts of society have grown significantly in the past decades (because of further cuts to social programs), which means “outliers” are not alone anymore, and youth all around the planet seems to come back to the old ways of collective action (and revolution), instead of nihilist praxis. Maybe there’s hope for the future?

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            I’m glad this is still up!

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              Am I the only one wishing that text only experiences adapted better to various screen sizes? I know this is a very contemporary concern but I wish I could read this (and gopher “sites”) better on my kindle browser or phone…