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    if it didn’t reccommend the fakes, then it’d be awesome, if all dem regulations were to go through we’d need to migrate to an alternate site altogether…
    google’s not good, but at least they make mostly-kinda-almost-Ok decisions…

    filtering out the “bad” speech would destroy free speech…

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      Sorry, but free speech doesn’t apply to private institutions. Google does not need to facilitate hate speech, conspiracy theories (Especially harmful ones like anti-vaxxer rhetoric) or fake news.

      It’s especially concerning that people within the company have spoken out about these things, but that all takes a back seat to the almighty dollar.

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        not the company it should apply for

        I mean that people themselves can’t say whatever they want no more…

        all for not facilitating the wrong stuff, but it also shouldn’t be totally blocked off either

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          You’re willfully misunderstanding “free speech.” Free speech only grants protection from government action if you were to criticize or speak out.

          It’s never been a guarantee that other people have to listen to you or give you a platform.