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Sorry for the 🐦 link

Zoom is so much of an awful mess. I still truly regret that Keybase got sucked into their black hole.


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    Hmmm. They won’t encrypt calls for free users because they are concerned about their free users committing crimes. They will encrypt their paying users’ calls so, they must not be concernwed about those users committing crimes. I don’t understand the logic unless law enforcement is paying Zoom for access to the free users’ calls.

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      at this point zoom is the crime

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      Wouldn’t this also be a security issue? If free calls aren’t encrypted can’t anyone get whatever data is being transferred?

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        I scrolled through the replies a bit on Twitter and it seemed like they were talking spcifically about end-to-end encryption; so maybe free calls would still be encrypted between Zoom’s severs and the clients.

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        RIP keybase :(

        why does anyone even use zoom? its literally the worse software for videocalling

        my school FORCES us to use zoom AND they are PAYING zoom, so its not money thats an issue, they could easily rent a small vps and host a bigbluebutton or jitsi instance BUT NO they have to use **** zoom :(