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    (•_•) <) )╯Always / \

    (•_•) ( (> Own / \

    (•_•) <) )> Your Platform / \

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      Irony :P

      Tildes are another form of centralized control, but I think done in a purposeful manner. But, it would be super cool to have micro-tildes, of 1-5 users, all communicating.

      The governance structure could be a mess. Or, not. And, definitely some waste of duplicated resources(ie the RAM and disk space wasted alone, for each of them running their own IRC daemon, for example) will be present.

      But, like with RAID5, lost space give redundancy to the whole.

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        Good point

        tilde.center and hashbang might be a good place to start since it’s intended to be self-hostable.

        Maybe I was just being selfish since I do own a lot of the platform ;)

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          Selfish? No. Accurate? YES. I think it’s something you’ve even stated in the past: Bus factor is too low in the tildeverse right now.

          Yeah, hasbang and center are some projects needing more attention, though, for the reasons you named.