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    btw, i fixed the link from /ubergeek to /.tilde

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      I have no idea about the process one need to follow to get assigned a TLD.

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        Either a pull request to the repo, adding your zone file, or an email to ubergeek at yourtilde dot com will do it.

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        if you can, you should change the link to directly the wiki page

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          For those interested: https://tildegit.org/ubergeek/.tilde/wiki/.tilde-TLD

          In fairness, at this point, if one can’t be bothered to scroll down and read the README, we don’t really want them using it at this point :). It’s not all ironed out as of yet.

          However, we are looking for new name servers! Right now, there are two IPv4 servers, and 1 IPv6 server. Preferably, we’d want at least one more IPv6, and 2 more IPv4s.