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    Having worked with Github, Azure DevOps, and offshoots like Gitea… I’d take Gitea in any instance where I had to collaborate with others and provide a non-nerd-parsable GUI, BUT I didn’t need all the Agile project management fluff (ew ew ew) that ADO and GH provide nowadays.

    At $currentJob I did spin up a Gitea instance for purely internal work because I didn’t care for doing more enterprise licensing on either of the mentioned proprietary platforms. ;)

    Given the chance to figure it all out again for a new project somewhere else? Frankly? I’d wind up using Fossil since it provides a web interface and patch-email workflows out of the same binary.

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      I think it would be great if there was a fediverse alternative to Github which allows you to interact with projects on other instances. I know in principle git is decentralized but there is also the issue tracker, wiki and whole user management system.

      Seems like the folks at Gitea and Forgejo are working on this: https://codeberg.org/forgejo/forgejo/issues/59

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        When you think about it, we already have it. It’s called email. It’s exactly what sourcehut is trying to propose: no need for a new federation, just use the existing one.

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          I was not aware, that’s pretty cool!

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            https://git-send-email.io/ (to contribute/send patches)

            and, on https://sr.ht/ you can open tickets/reply to them/participate in mailing-lists without opening an account, only by sending an email.