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people who care about OSS and privacy (and other tildesque things) are “tech vegans”?


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    Similarly, it’s almost impossible to avoid proprietary software or the tech giants. Consider this FOSDEM talk, where the executive director of the Software Freedom Conservancy admits to having proprietary software embedded inside her body, [sic] because that was the only option for a defibrillator. She advocates open-source software, and yet despite her best efforts, she’s a closed-source cyborg!

    Oh heavens. The sky isn’t falling, Chicken Little.

    This whole article reeks of explicit “holier-than-thou” attitudes until the last few paragraphs step away from it. I don’t need to think “What, you think you’re better than me?” because that’s the whole tone of 90% of the article.

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      I guess I’m a tech vegan lol

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        and, TIL, kimchi is not vegan…

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          It’s traditionally made with fish sauce and/or shrimp paste. but a whole lot of it anymore is vegan in the american supermarkets.

          source: am a kimchi lovin’ vegan

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        getting off all google services (i’m mostly there) is almost as hard as giving up cheese

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          this is actually a super interesting analogy. because I used to think I couldn’t give up cheese, until I did.

          And I suspect that the way I currently feel about google services (Oh, I couldn’t possibly give them up!) is similar.

          I mean, I have to use them for work. but I bet if I cared enough, and had enough resolve, I could just stop using google in my regular, day-to-day life.

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            hah yeah good point!!

            I’m vegetarian and don’t think I’d actually want to go vegan because of cheese.

            I’ve made pretty good progress getting off Google though. haven’t been able to get everything off they so maybe I’m a tech vegetarian for now too :)

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          I guess I have two types of veganism -.-

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            Even though for the sake of the correctness of the term, “tech vegan” should be FOSS tech in general. Just saying.