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    First, there’s no official client. The fact that it’s so easy to implement a client means there’s a Cambrian explosion going on, and the filtering die-back has not yet occurred. This might change in the medium future.

    as opposed to what official client for the web?

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      the web at least has standards…

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          no. I mean a real technical specification, not a first-draft quality half-baked pseudo-specification that calls itself feature complete.

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              I guess you haven’t read where the document itself refers to itself as a pseudo-specification…

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                I guess you haven’t noticed it basically hasn’t changed in like a year plus because it’s stable at this point.

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                  I have noticed it hasn’t changed, and I’ve noticed that it lacks things that could really make it a better protocol

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          It’s worth reading Tangled Web

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            This book is currently out of stock, but the ebook is still available

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              Content is still valid as an ebook. :)

              Nostarch ebooks are DRMfree when you buy from their store if that’s a concern

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        The problem of this post is that it confuses the gemtext markup language with the protocol. The protocol is fully capable of serving html, markdown or whatever file format you want. You can create a gemini browser that renders the html files in its full glory. No problem there. (You are encouraged not to do so. Serve PDFs instead! :D )

        The solution to widespread tracking and user surveillance isn’t a bespoke hairshirt protocol that no-one is going to use.

        • Gemini neither wants nor tries to replace the Web.
        • If some people are using it, that’s enough of an achievement!
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          “The human genome is about 3 gigabases long, which boils down to 750 megabytes. Depressingly enough, this is only 2.8 Mozilla browsers.” - Bert Hubert

          I like the Gemini is useless post

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            because it’s gemlog and .gmi?

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              No, because of the content