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Testing tilde.news – re: reports that posting isn’t working


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    This is like that time Andy Warhol painted the soup can. It was so obvious but so inspiring. Have an upvote.

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      Up next, facebook.com!

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      Good read. The fact the google home page needs 2mb for a search bar and a couple buttons tho

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        Ben, can you delete this test post?

        And in the meantime, anybody want to share comments about Google?

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          I tried submitting a post today and this is what happens in Chrome: https://ttm.sh/EUM.png

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            I had some similar issues recently and managed to post after a few days for absolutely no reason!

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              i had the same issue, but it worked fine when i posted a different URL, not sure why

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                I’ve had a couple reports of this now and I haven’t been able to reproduce… source code is here if anyone wants to have a stab. I can try to dig up some logs too if that helps.

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                If any of you have tried to submit links and seen this bug, please email me the URL you tried posting. We are looking for possible patterns in the URLs and/or the websites they point to. MY-USERNAME@tilde.team

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                  I found the fix!!

                  upstream lobsters has a 70-day new account period which prevents new users from submitting stories on domains that have never been submitted before as a spam-prevention method.

                  in the case that this 70-day period hit with a new domain, a mod log was attempted to be created by a hard-coded user account called “inactive-user” (inactive_user.rb)

                  i’ve created the missing user that was assumed to exist and lowered the NEW_USER_DAYS to 7


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                      Nice sleuthing!