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    What a waste of resources.

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      The website mentions Namecoin, which is based on the same tach but is not actually Bitcoin. Using this would suck, asolutely. I know too little of the resources used by nNamecoin, though.

      The interesting part about this project is the approach to decentralization.

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        Yeah, I’ve run into some folks stumping for this thing a few times… On reddit, they tend to be people making the software stack, trying to get people to use their coin so they can hold an ICO, but seem to be unable to explain why this is different than the million of other systems that don’t waste resources like proof of work coin mining does.

        I do like decentralization, but not at the cost of our environmental conditions.

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          The people who are shilling for this tech really seem to be many of the same people who stand to benefit from it as a commercial profitability thing. There’s no real world application I can see that’s not as easily accomplished using other non-blockchain tech - like beaker/dat